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TalentED helps professionals and the students they serve find colleges that fit their needs - academic, social, and financial.

Students with four-year college degrees have the potential to earn $1 million more in lifetime earnings. TalentED connects first-generation, lower-income students to colleges where they're more likely to succeed and graduate. Meet some of our students...

Mason C5 Georgia (Lilburn, GA)

Hi, I’m Mason

I aspire to be a cardiologist, but my dream job is to be a FBI field agent doctor. Because of this, I plan to major in Biology but might also minor in Criminal Justice. I really want a quality education that will put me in the best position to secure a job in medicine.

I chose Kennesaw State based on its phenomenal Biology department, campus, size, cost and sports.

My TalentED Story

Honestly, my experience with TalentED was great. My college advisor suggested that the platform would help me find a school that would fit me, so I filled out the profile, was connected with Kennesaw State and now I attend! I would tell other students to take advantage of everything offered through TalentED. The search tool and messaging with admissions recruiters actually work – I can testify! Also, if you have any questions, ask your advisor. That’s what they are there for.

Yabundu PENCIL (Bronx, NY)

Hi, I’m Yabundu

I love acting because theater allows me to express my ideas in ways that can entertain and inspire. After watching Hamilton, I wanted to join the cast and I felt motivated. I have an urgent need to leave a profound impact on the world as Alexander Hamilton did. Because of my desire to make a difference, I’m interested in majoring in Women and Gender Studies, and later pursuing a career in political science.

I was able to explore several colleges using TalentED, and now I’m attending Bryn Mawr College.

My TalentED Story

Completing my TalentED profile helped me start thinking about things I would need to talk about in a college essay or interview. Also, I felt using the storyboard was a unique way to talk about myself. I’d recommend that other students work with their college advisors to get introduced to admissions recruiters on TalentED so they get noticed.

Kieara Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School (Brooklyn, NY)

Hi, I’m Kieara

As a junior, I’ve really been trying to get a head start on preparing myself for college. I’m taking an English course at City Tech College as a way to earn college credits. I’m using TalentED to explore out of state schools, particularly in Pennsylvania. I’m looking for a college that is academically challenging, very active in the surrounding community, encourages the student voice and is focused on social justice issues beyond race and feminism.

My TalentED Story

TalentED has been really helpful in terms of teaching me how to answer questions in a way that allows me to stand out from others. I loved how the profile and storyboard allowed me to be as creative as I wanted. Also, it was very useful because it put me in contact with Swarthmore College! After connecting with an admissions recruiter through TalentED, I learned more about their fly-in programs and was nominated to apply.

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