Is there a cost to participate in The TalentED Project?

The TalentED Project is completely free to all users: college access professionals, students, and colleges and universities. TalentED is a fully-funded philanthropic endeavor that is part of UBS NextGen Leaders, UBS’s signature U.S. education initiative focused on college success.

How is The TalentED Project different from other online platforms?

The TalentED Project is reflective of research and is informed by college access practitioners and admissions recruiters. The TalentED Project helps introduce college access professionals and admissions officers with the goal of connecting lower-income, first-generation college-goers with schools that are a good fit.  Colleges and universities must meet our eligibility requirements to participate. Additionally, The TalentED Project is a philanthropic endeavor and participation is free to all users: college access professionals, students, and colleges and universities.

If I have specific questions about the project and would like to find out more who should I contact?

Please contact Wendy Blackmore for more information about The TalentED Project and how you can participate.

Which colleges and universities have signed on to complete an enhanced profile?

Our list of participating colleges and universities is growing. Click here to see which ones have already joined The TalentED Project.

What are people saying about The TalentED Project?

“The TalentED Project enables Swathmore College to truly showcase our policies and admissions programs for low-income and first-generation college students – from financial aid for undocumented students to special access fly-in visits. Very quickly, our community-based organization partners and their students can gain valuable knowledge about institutions fit and support through the TalentED website.” – Andrew Moe, Senior Assistant Dean, Director of Access and Programming at Swathmore College

“We are so glad that a platform like TalentED exists! It’s a great way to connect college access professionals and college admissions officers to support talented low-income, first generation students in finding a good fit.” – Maritza Guzmán, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships at “I Have A Dream” Foundation

“The opportunity to partner in this new venture is exciting; through The TalentED Project we will work closely with advisors and college admissions officers to make the best connections for the students and their college choice. The many aspects of the program have been well thought out and constructed in a way that we are certain to find some great matches for Sewanee.” – Lisa Burns, Associate Dean of Admissions at Sewanee: The University of the South

“The TalentED Project has given the young people we work with the ability to take ownership over their college admissions process. By developing TalentED profiles and storyboards, students can creatively highlight their assets and unique stories, enhancing their college applications. Then, I can directly connect them with admissions recruiters at good fit insitutions. As a professional, the tool has opened the door to a new network of colleagues and admissions recruiters, which provides me an online professional space to create true access to opportunities for young people in my community.” – Lee Gray, Director at Oasis College Connection

“The TalentED Project really understands the need for lower-income and first-generation college students to have access. The first two students we interacted with have been invited to our premier scholarship weekend to complete for full-tuition and full ride scholarships. The TalentED Project is break down barriers, removing obstacles, and providing unprecedented opportunities.” – Gregory Chery, Assistant Dean of Admissions at Centre College

“At the Opportunity Network, we place an importance on building and leveraging a network, and make it a point to connect our Fellows with admissions officers. The TalentED Project helps us to formalize these connections and allows for greater possibilities, not only for OppNet Fellows, but for the young men and women across the country.” – Emmanuel Moses, Senior Manager of College Guidance at The Opportunity Network

User Selection Process

Who can access and use The TalentED Project?

College access professionals (school counselors, teachers, nonprofit professionals, etc.) can create TalentED accounts. We encourage college access professionals to use TalentED’s simplified search tool, college profiles, and badging system with their students to help identify good-fit institutions, increasing students’ likelihood of graduation and future success.  Additionally, any college admission recruiter at an eligible college can contact Wendy Blackmore to create a TalentED profile for his/her institution.

What colleges and universities are on the site?

The TalentED Project is specifically designed to address the challenges that lower-income, first-generation, college-goers face in matriculating to selective institutions and persisting to graduation. Therefore, all participating colleges and universities must meet our selection criteria, which will be reviewed annually based on IPEDS data. Our list of participating colleges and universities is growing. Click here  to see which ones have already joined The TalentED Project.

How are college access professionals selected to participate?

To participate in The TalentED Project, a college access professional must work at either a high school or nonprofit organization focused on serving college-going students.

How can students use the site?

Students must use the site in tandem with their college access professional. The TalentED Project is available to students who are either first-generation college-going or lower-income, and who have a 2.7 grade point average or a B-/C+ average in high school. For more information about how we define the terms “lower-income” and “first-generation” please visit our Glossary.

Can parents create a username and profile?

Parents are not able to create profiles on The TalentED Project.

College and University Registration & Site Usage

What does college or university participation entail?

Once a college or university joins The TalentED Project, the institution identifies at least one representative to complete an enhanced profile and be the main point of contact for college access professionals supporting high-potential, lower-income, first-generation college-goers. The TalentED Project does not obligate participating colleges or universities to recruit, admit or offer specific financial aid awards for students on the portal.

Is there a way for a college or university to change the basic profile information (from IPEDS)?

The data used for college and university basic profiles is sourced from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and is updated annually to reflect the most current complete year of data available. This information cannot be changed; however, institutions can update information in their enhanced profile at any time by contacting Wendy Blackmore.

What is the difference between a basic profile and an enhanced profile?

Basic profile information is sourced from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) and is updated annually. Enhanced profiles, in addition to containing basic profile information, incorporate social media, photos and video, information on specific support services offered by the institution, and access to admissions officer contact information. College admission recruiters at eligible institutions can claim their institution’s enhanced profile by contacting Wendy Blackmore.

College Access Organization Registration and Site Usage

How do college access professionals register for The TalentED Project?

Start by searching for your organization. If your organization is not registered, you may complete and submit a registration form. If your organization has already been registered, join under your organization.

How should I register if my organization is a regional or local chapter of a larger national organization? (i.e. KIPP-New York City)

Regional organizations that are part of a national organization are treated as distinct entities. For example, “Teach For America” and “Teach For America – New York” are unique profiles. Please be sure to reference your organization appropriately when registering. Search for your organization here.

User Recognition & Badges

How are successful practices at colleges and universities highlighted in The TalentED Project?

The TalentED Project offers several ways for colleges and universities to highlight their efforts to serve first-generation, lower-income college-goers. Colleges and universities have the opportunity to earn TalentED badges, which highlight success in the critical areas of selectivity, affordability, retention, and completion. Additionally, colleges and universities can highlight successful practices in supporting lower-income, first-generation college-goers on their enhanced profiles.

What are college badges? How are they earned?

Beyond the criteria to participate, The TalentED Project awards badges to highlight success in critical areas. Learn more about TalentED badges and how they are earned here.