What is The TalentED Project?

College fit matters. Research shows that when a first-generation, lower-income students attends a college that isn’t a good academic fit, he is less likely to graduate from college or attend graduate school and is more likely to earn less money over his lifetime. The TalentED Project helps college access professionals and the students they serve find colleges and universities that are good academic, financial and social fits. Free for all users, TalentED’s college search and institution profiles are curated to provide access professionals and first-generation, lower-income students with the necessary information to identify good-fit campuses.

The TalentED Project helps students find colleges that are a good fit for them, increasing their likelihood of success.

Many first-generation, lower-income students have more higher education options available to them than they realize. Some colleges and universities have higher retention and graduation rates and provide more resources and support to help first-generation, lower-income students persist and succeed. Learn more about how we select and highlight our curated list of TalentED eligible institutions.

TalentED understands the landscape

  • First-generation students often find the college search process overwhelming. TalentED helps to simplify that process.
  • Colleges want to create a diverse incoming class and current recruitment practices do not always achieve this goal efficiently.
  • Informal professional networks help link a small number of students to good-fit colleges, but impact is limited. TalentED aims to scale this practice.

History of TalentED

The TalentED Project, established March 2016, was built in partnership between UBS, through its NextGen Leaders initiative, and the Tennessee College Access and Success Network.