The TalentED Project helps college access professionals and the first-generation, lower-income students they serve find good-fit colleges and universities.

Success Stories

Mason - C5 Georgia (Lilburn, GA)

Mason stands out in academics, community service, and athletics. Not only has he completed over 220 hours of service and taken 13 AP courses during high school, he is also a varsity football player. By using TalentED to search for colleges, he connected directly with an admissions recruiter and learned more about and enrolled in Kennesaw State University.

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Yabundu - PENCIL (Bronx, NY)

Yabundu loves expressing herself through her extracurricular activities including theater, speech and debate, and Korean dance. She often performs pieces that revolve around women’s empowerment and triumphing obstacles. Through TalentED, she connected directly with admissions recruiters at Wesleyan University and Vanderbilt University.

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